WELCOME to the brand new website of Pre-Press Music Australia, the publisher of the recently released Mass ‘Jubilate Deo’ by Mary Mosses. Thank you for visiting! So, who is Pre-Press Music Australia or PPMA?

Ross Salomon, founder and owner of Pre-Press Music Australia.

Hello! My name is Ross Salomon and Pre-Press Music Australia is a business name I came up with a few years ago now, when I was mainly interested in the editing and pre-press activities of publishing music, hence the name. I became involved with Willow Publishing in Sydney and supplied music engraving for a few of their titles including a revision of Mass Shalom  and Christ, Our Way, the final collection of sacred songs by Brother D. Colin Smith cfc, published before his passing in 2005.

Another exciting project for me to work on was a music theory textbook for high school students by Gaynor Grant called, Music Explained: Music theory tools for secondary school students, published in 2005 by McGraw-Hill Australia in Sydney. I typeset all of the musical examples and illustrations for that publication.

Another significant work that I have published is Mass ‘Jubilate Deo’ by Mary Mosses. This mass setting was written for the recently revised Roman Missal (2010). I believe that Mary’s mass setting’s greatest strength and beauty is to found in its simplicity and its immediate suitability for any typical congregation, even ones that might consider themselves not overly gifted with musical resources. The melodies are straightforward and logical, so almost any congregation would get used to singing it in a relatively short period of time. At the same time, the melodies are not mundane or pedestrian; rather they are constructed in such a way that encourages confident congregational singing. That, in itself is a good reason, I believe, to publish and promote Mass ‘Jubilate Deo’. You will find it in the Shop section of this website. A search for ‘liturgy’ or ‘mass setting’ should also find it.

The robust and secure e-commerce engine of my online store is provided by Woocommerce and secure credit card payments can now be made through PayPal. Just click on the button next to any product to add it to the cart and then click on checkout to securely enter your card details, either through the checkout here or through PayPal. Simply choose whichever one you feel more comfortable with when you are on the checkout page.

Currently in publication at the moment is a collection of Responsorial Psalms with Antiphons (congregational responses) for the Psalms for the Three Year Lectionary. If you would like to be informed when this collection becomes available, please fill in some details on the secure form on our contact page. Like any legitimate business with an online presence, I am serious about your privacy. From the Contact page you will see a link to my privacy statement.

My mission is to publish, promote and distribute music scores that will be useful to a broad range of musicians, especially church musicians. Most of my music typesetting and publishing activities have involved church music, whether it be for congregational singing, choirs, piano, organ, or other instruments, such as hand bells or band instruments. I am keen to publish and promote good quality settings and arrangements. If you know of any original, unpublished compositions and arrangements that would suit and enhance Christian worship and the music of the church generally, then I would be interested in hearing from the composer/copyright holder.

I also provide music typesetting and layout services and can arrange printing for people who are interested in publishing their own music themselves, but lack sufficient confidence, technical skills or equipment. I can also provide computer generated sound files for all scores that I typeset.

I am also happy to consider submissions for publication, promotion and sale via this website. Acceptance, terms and conditions and publishing contracts will be negotiated on an individual basis and will be dependent upon the individual merit of each submission and whether it is suitable for our targeted market.

PO Box 2424
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