Mary Mosses

Mass ‘Jubilate Deo’

Paperback - Saddle Stitched

An easy-to-learn and engaging mass setting arrranged for priest/cantor, congregation, keyboard, guitar (chord symbols) and descant for treble instruments (flute, violin etc). Approved for Catholic liturgical use. (Click on ‘Additional information’ in the product description).


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A new mass setting by Mary Mosses is written in a simple yet very effective, popular musical style that congregations can learn quickly and will very soon be singing confidently and joyfully. The musical accompaniment is effective and supportive without being difficult to master. Guitar chord symbols are provided throughout and the optional flute descant provides a wonderful opportunity for employing the budding talents of other instrumentalists in your congregation such as flautists, violinists and recorder players alike, even when a keyboard player is not available. Photocopy masters for congregation and flute parts are included. This setting uses the ICEL translation of The [New] Roman Missal © 2010.

Approved for liturgical use by the Catholic Bishops’ Conferences in: Australia; England and Wales; New Zealand and the United States of America.

Why not try out Mass ‘Jubilate Deo’ in your own parish or school? We are confident that you will find that is has broad appeal across all age groups.
Sing joyfully to God—Jubilate Deo!


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Liturgical Approval

New Zealand Catholic Bishops' Conference, Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference, Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops


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